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The Kingston Prize 2011

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Phantoms of the Front Yard

PHANTOMS IN THE FRONT YARD is a touring art collective that brings together the work of Vancouver artists Michael Abraham, Jordan Bent, Jeremy Birnbaum, Chad Krowchuk, Marcus Macleod and Jay Senetchko boldly challenging the contemporary Canadian art scene, to revive the human subject as muse.

Figurative art has become the phantom of the fine art world, haunting both Modernism and Postmodernism with its ties to a classical tradition, refusing to be dismissed, ignored or forgotten.

My work references iconography derived from the masculine construct in particular images appropriated from sports marketing.  Having spent my developmental years within the rigid structures of competitive athletics my art now comments on the commitment and discipline that both art and athletics share.

Working within the traditional genre of figure drawing,  I’m interested in the technical and conceptual themes consistent between the two subjects: tradition and ritual, self-discipline and sacrifice, ceremony and performance.  As such my bodies of work are often series comprised of fragmented figures in repeated positions or movements isolated from their natural environments.  The repetitive nature of the imagery directly references the practice component of athletics, both through the images’ literal interpretations as well as through my own drawing process.  Subsequently the images are then displayed within an installation format inferring an icon image derived from multiple subjects, similar to the way a sport or game is comprised of multiple fragments or moments making up a whole.