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The Kingston Prize 2011

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Phantoms of the Front Yard

PHANTOMS IN THE FRONT YARD is a touring art collective that brings together the work of Vancouver artists Michael Abraham, Jordan Bent, Jeremy Birnbaum, Chad Krowchuk, Marcus Macleod and Jay Senetchko boldly challenging the contemporary Canadian art scene, to revive the human subject as muse.

Figurative art has become the phantom of the fine art world, haunting both Modernism and Postmodernism with its ties to a classical tradition, refusing to be dismissed, ignored or forgotten.

My work references and comments upon iconography derived from the masculine construct.    In my body of work The Build/Destroy Intervals, I was particularly interested in the parallels of art and athletics.  Working in a traditional medium such as drawing, I saw consistent similarities between the two subjects ranging from ritual and tradition, to self-discipline, to ceremony and performance.  Completed in 2008, The Build/Destroy Intervals drawings were influenced by Douglas Gordon’s Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait, featuring soccer icon Zinedine Zidane as the sole focus throughout a 90 minute football match.   By re-formatting the focus to Zidane’s isolated sequential movements, the viewer’s experience of the game as a whole is ultimately altered and substituted despite viewing the game in its entirety.  As a former athlete, I am interested in how this approach has been used routinely in Professional sports and sports marketing to create icons and ultimately constructs of the male athlete.  In The Build/Destroy Intervals routine, repetitive moments taken from a boxer in practice were then isolated and focused altering the purpose and transforming them into iconic moment intended to represent the sport as a whole.